Allyson Hicks was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA. She has always had a love for beautiful interiors and knew an Interior Design degree would be in her future as early as age 12. “When you spend your childhood adding on to your Barbie Dream House with your brothers lincoln logs, and drawing front elevations of homes for fun, you know design and decorating are in your soul.”

Allyson gained her BFA degree in Interior Design from Converse College in Spartanburg, SC in 1996. After residing in both Spartanburg and Charleston, SC, Allyson moved back to Baton Rouge, LA. She has been working in the field of design for over 20 years. She ventured out on her own with Allyson Hicks Design Consulting, LLC in 2007 after the birth of her son. “I love the process of decorating and design. Being able to work with a variety of clients to see their visions come to life has been a dream come true.”

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