Allyson Hicks

Allyson is a Baton Rouge native who’s always had a love of beautiful interiors. “I have spent my entire adult life pursuing this love”. As I’ve grown in my career and have seen the variety of options for decorating your home expand, I feel it is important to keep local elements alive in your decor.

Allyson gained her BFA degree in Interior Design from Converse College in Spartanburg, SC in 1996. After residing in both Spartanburg and Charleston, SC, she moved back to Baton Rouge, LA. She has been working in the field of design for over 25 years. Allyson opened her own design consulting firm in 2007 after her son was born. “I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life and career. I’ve known I was a designer since I was 12 years old.”


Hannah Carls

Hannah earned her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Louisiana State University in 2020. She was born in South Carolina but has resided in Baton Rouge for 22 years. Her passion for Interior Design sparked from her interests in organizing and decorating. She loves collaborating with clients to create spaces that reflect their own personality and lifestyle. She believes design is more than how a space looks, it’s about how that space makes you feel. “I can’t see myself in any other career. I was made for this.”


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